Bharat BH Series Vehicle Registration 2021: Fees, eligibility, Apply Online Process

Bharat BH Series Vehicle Registration The Indian government and the ministry of road transport and Highway had introduced a new registration of number plates which is known as the Bharat series.

In the short form, you can say it BH Series. It is very beneficial for those people who travel a lot The coolest advantage of the Bharat BH Series Vehicle Registration number is that once you have successfully registered your vehicle in the BH series and got a new number plate then you do not need to re-register your car when you move to a new state.

You just need to register your vehicle for the BH series once then there is no need to re-register whenever you move to a new state.

It will also save your money that you will pay for registration whenever you go to a new state. So in simple terms, it is very beneficial for you. Let’s discuss more it and get more details about it.

How is BH Series helpful

Earlier if you got transferred to a new state and you need to move to a new state then it becomes compulsory for you to change your vehicle’s number plate according to the respective state.

This will cost you money for Re-registration your vehicle to the new state which is already registered in your previous state.

Transfers are done frequently done it became an irritation to change the number plate of your vehicle regularly.

Because you already know how slow the forward process is. But to pull you out of the situation Indian Government and transport ministry had launch BH series numbers for your vehicles so that you do not need to re-register every time whenever you move to a new state.

Download BH Series Vehicle Registration Official Notice

BH Series Availability

Currently, BH series numbers are only available for a specific group of people and that group of people includes Defence personnel, employees of Central Government, employees of state government central and state public sector or taking and some of the private sector companies and organizations who have their offices in four or more states in India.

If you belong to any of these professions or organisations then you will be eligible for BH series number plates.

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How does BH Series number look like?

There is no other uniqueness in this number and it will be similar to other number players that you are already using but its format had been changed and the text “BH” is included instead of offer state.

Like if you have a vehicle in Haryana then its number will start from HR but once you had converted it into a BH series vehicle then HR will be replaced with HR. Below is the complete format of the BH series number plates.

Format: – YY BH XXXX AA BB

YY = Year of registration.

BH = Bharat Series

XXXX = Random Numbers from 0000 to 9999

AA BB = Random Alphabets (AA to ZZ)

The upper format of Bharat series numbers will give you an idea how your number plate will look like once you converted it into BH Series.

The owner of the vehicle will also have to pay road tax for 2 years or 4 years and even 6 years depending on the tenure and the place from where the car is purchased.

BH Registration Fee

BH Series new rules known as Central Motor Vehicle (20th Upgradation) applicable from 15th September 2021.

After the expiry of the vehicle for the BH series, the new tax must be submitted within 7 days, otherwise the penalty of the 100 rupee Apply daily.

After expiration of Vehicle tax for BH Series within 7 days new tax must be submitted otherwise a fine of rupees of Rs. 100 daily applied.

Vehicle PriceVehicle Tax (% of Invoice)Remarks
Below Rs 10 Lakh8%2% Extra Charge (Diesel Vehicle ) 

2% Less Charge (Electric Vehicle)
Rs. 10-20 Lakh10%
Above Rs. 20 Lakh12%

BH Number Eligibility

  • Defence Personnel
  • Central & State Government Employee
  • Central & State PSUs Employees
  • Private Companies Employees  (Company Must have offices in 4 or more states).

How to Apply for Bharat Series Vehicle Registration

  • Firstly go to the official website of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.
  • In the home go to the Citizen Corner Section and search for Latest Circulars.
  • Read the official BH Series Notification carefully.
  • Find the official website link to apply bh series
  • go to the application link click on New vehicle Registration
  • Fill all required details in application.
  • Review the details click on submit
  • After that Pay registration fees.


Is this conversion service from normal number plate to BH Series is paid?

We do not have any confirmed amount that you will be charged for conversion from a normal number plate to be serious but it is confirmed that it will be a paid process, not a free process.

Can we roll back our number plate to a normal number plate if we had converted it into the BH series?

At the time of writing this post, we do not have any information about whether you can roll back to the normal number plate once you converted it into the BH series or not. Once we have information on this topic we will update this post.

Do I need to pay toll tax if I have converted my vehicle to BH series?

Yes, you will have to pay toll tax even if you have converted your vehicle to be a series. Because the BH series will only e help you to avoid Re-registration of your vehicle number if you have moved to a new state. It does not have any relaxation for toll tax you have to definitely.


In this post, we discussed the new number plate system of Bharat BH Series Vehicle Registration which the Indian transport ministry has recently announced.

We discussed how converting your vehicle to the BH series will be beneficial for you. We also discussed for whom this series is available and what will be the format of number plates of vehicles that are converted into BH Series. I hope that you found this content informative and this post was helpful for you.

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