How to prevent unknown numbers from adding you to WhatsApp groups

Sometimes it can be very dangerous and annoying if unknown numbers added you in WhatsApp groups Although WhatsApp groups are very good where to interact with a group of people, friends or colleagues But at the same time this feature became a peer when an unknown number add you to those WhatsApp groups that you did want not to be in.

These groups can be based on illegal activities in which you do not want to be involved and you want to stay away from this kind of group. This thing becomes more serious when you are being repeatedly added to WhatsApp groups that you had left.

It means that right now you do not have any control over the people who are adding you to unwanted groups. But there is a way in which you can prevent yourself from being added to unknown groups.

This is not any trick or hack it is just tweaking simple settings in WhatsApp to increase your privacy. So let’s get started and find out how you can prevent yourself from being added into groups by unknown users on WhatsApp.

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What are WhatsApp Groups

As its name suggests WhatsApp groups are groups of people that chat together. Groups are usually made on WhatsApp to chat with friends family members or colleagues.

They are a very good way of interacting with a community of people at one time that had joined that group. Once you send the message in a group it will be available to all the group members, All the group members can read and reply to all the messages that are sent in the group.

Why to prevent yourself from being added to groups by unknown users

As we already discussed WhatsApp groups are a very good way to interact with a lot of people at the same time. But as of few cases that we have discovered in the last years WhatsApp groups are being used for spamming or illegal activities.

Admin of WhatsApp groups adds random people to the group to promote a product. This can also be seen as spamming. So it becomes very important for you to tweak privacy settings and make unknown people unable to add you in WhatsApp groups without your permission.

Let’s get started and find out how you can do this by just simply tweaking some of the privacy settings that are already available in the WhatsApp application.

How to change group privacy settings

As of new updates of WhatsApp. They have added privacy options for groups too. And we are going to quick some of the settings of that privacy option. If you have not updated your WhatsApp application then it is highly recommended to update WhatsApp to the latest version from Google Play Store. So that you do not face any bugs or errors.

Below is the step-by-step instruction of doing what we want to achieve to prevent us from being added to WhatsApp groups by unknown numbers.

  1. First, open the WhatsApp application and click on the three dots that are available on the top right corner of your mobile screen.
  2. Navigate to settings and click on account section.
  3. After that there you will see our privacy section you need to click on it and select groups settings.
  4. Now there will be 3 options shown to you. “Everyone”, “My Contacts” and “My Contacts Expect”
  5. As their name suggests Everyone option will allow everyone to add you in WhatsApp groups. While My Contacts option will allow only your contacts to add you in WhatsApp group see.
  6. If you want to you even restrict someone from your contact to add you in our group you can use third option which is My Contact Expect.
  7. You can select the My Contacts or My Contacts Expect option according to you both will work fine for you and prevent you from being added to the WhatsApp group by an unknown number.
  8. Now select the desired option and navigate back to the WhatsApp chat page. Because now you have configured the privacy settings and unknown users will not be able to add you in groups anymore.

Who can now add you to WhatsApp Group?

After playing with the settings of WhatsApp after reading about instructions you have successfully configured your privacy regarding groups.

Now after doing the above steps only your contacts will be able to add you to the group. With your contacts, I mean that those contact numbers that are saved in your mobile will only be able to add you to WhatsApp groups directly.

Now your privacy is completely protected only the people you know will be able to add you and that’s all we need.

You can always change this setting according to your need to set your privacy. I hope that this post was helpful for you and you found this content informative.

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