What is Valorant Mobile, Release date, Beta Version and Features

Are you a gaming fan if less than this post is going for you because in this post we are going to talk about Valorant. It is well known for PC and now it is coming to Android or ios devices with the name Valorant Mobile. In this post, we are going to cover everything about it so let’s get started.

What is Valorant Mobile

It is well-known as a 5 versus 5 competitive character-based that is currently available on Microsoft Windows. But it is also coming on mobile devices that’s why we are writing this post. It is a very realistic shooting game with several agents which you can refer to as characters that you can use to play the game and you have a choice over several maps and Arsenal.

Valorant PC was a huge success now the company is taking this is success in Android devices as well.

Why is Valorant Mobile so famous

It is very famous because it had gain a lot of popularity just in one year. In June 2020 it was released as a beta version for computers that can run on Microsoft Windows and within a year it had made a very huge fan base.

One of the another main factor of this popularity is that if you look to other PC shooting games then their size will vary from 10GB to 50GB but this game size is 4GB on computers. Which is very small size as compared to its graphics quality.

Valorant Mobile Release Date 2021

it will be released very soon because Valorant Mobile is still in the early stages of development, according to the source date release date has not yet been announced of the pre-registration fee and you can pre-register this game so that you will get notified whenever it releases. Additionally, you might also get some in-game rewards but If you want to pre-register then you can follow he below instructions.

How to Pre-Register for Valorant Mobile

Below is a very simply instructed guide to pre-register for valorant mobile and you can follow that guide to register for beta phase within few minutes.

  1. Go to the Tap Tap website.
  2. Search for Valorant Mobile.
  3. The game will be shown on the top of the list simply click on it.
  4. You will find two pre-registration buttons. One for Android and the Second for iOS.
  5. Click on that button according to your device.
  6. Now you have pre-registered for Valorant Mobile and you will be notified whenever it releases.

What will be the size of Valorant Mobile

The company had not released any information about the size of Valorant Mobile. But it is a very high graphics-based Android shooting game then their is much chance that the size of the game will be at least 1.5GB+ or you might seen a higher size.

The original size of this game will only be available whenever it releases and we will update this post whenever we have the correct information but currently we are only assuming the size of this game.

Valorant Mobile Beta Version

At first, Valorant developers will not release the game globally. It will be first released in a beta phase which is also known as the testing phase so that when the game is released globally it does not have any bugs.

You can register yourself for the beta version and register yourself for the beta version you just need to pre-register for the game.

Valorant Mobile Features

Now the main thing is that what features we will see in this game. This is the most interesting part of this post because we are going to discuss the features of the game.

Agents: – As Valorant PC, there are a total of 17 characters who are called agents in the game. In Valorant Mobile we can expect at least 5 to 10 characters. So we will have a wider choice over the agents to choose and play with their special abilities.

Maps: – Different categories of maps will be included in Valorant mobile from traditional City to high-tech science fiction maps. Everything will be included either you can play in a science fiction environment or you can play in a wildlife-based environment it depends upon you.

High Graphics: – There is no doubt in this that the game will offer you a very high graphics gameplay. Let me tell you it is not a realistic graphics-based game it is a cartoonist high graphics game that will attract you more than a realistic graphics game. It has similar graphics to Fortnite. So there will be no issues with graphics and you will get the best gaming experience.

Is Valorant Different From PUBG and Call of Duty

Yes, it will be a completely different game as compared to PUBG and call of duty mobile. Both of these games are based on realistic graphics and aims to provide a realistic environment to their players.

The environment and graphics will be mostly the same between all three games. PUBG and Call of Duty mobile are the Battle Royale best games where 100 players will enter the battleground and once they get eliminated cannot come back to the same match.

But Valorant is team death match best game where two teams will fight and the team will highest score at the end of the game will win. There will be unlimited revives.


In this post, we discussed Valorant Mobile. we took a deep look at its release date, pre-registration process, game size, beta version, features and compare it to the industry’s top leading FPS games. Whenever we will have any other information about this game we will instantly update this post. We hope that this post was helpful for you and you found this content informative.

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